Retired but not tired

Bim Willow’s Birthday Event is

Bim’s Bodaitious Birthday Bash bbbbbbbbbbe there:

Tickets include a weekend of camping for the period July 13 – July 16. One ticket per person.

This is not the Peace Fest. It is a return to the original birthday party for Bim Willow. This year I will go all out for this one because I also turn 65 and I’m going to semi retire . I hope to spend more time here at the Willow Ranch making it into a campground and a people’s art park.

All the proceeds go to benefit the Willow Ranch in making improvements .

The reason I continue to have events here is because of all of you that have told me how the Willow Ranch has changed your life and that it is your heart home. If it is your heart home, come home this summer to be with your willow family.

Tickets ($50):

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